EU Negotiation Moot Brussels

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EU Negotiation Moot in Brussels was held on 22nd and 23rd of October in 2009. The game was organized by the European Parliament together with the European Union Negotiation Moot Association with European Commission representative, leading the initiative. 21 students from the Department of Political Science became the participants of this competitive simulation game.
The competitors, who took participation in the EU Negotiation Moot in Brussels were motivated to learn more about the legislative process of the European Union. The first term of preparation has accustomed them to the ins and outs of policy theory. The participants had to combine their zeal with two essential skills in politics: cut-throat negotiation and compromise that is hard-won. Continue reading “EU Negotiation Moot Brussels”

Negotiation Moot in Cluj

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Negotiation Moot in Cluj was held by a Sapientia University, Faculty of Sciences and Arts. This simulation game took place in May 6-9, 2010.

EU Negotiation Moot represents a competitive simulation game with 27 teams as participants, each of which representing the negotiating delegation of each of the 27 European Union Member States. Every team defends the interests of its member state, but at the same time not forgetting that coming to the result, meeting the needs and interests of everyone in the union is paramount. The initial concept was the creation of a group of young specialists who would work for the European Union and national public administration. Young professionals, who would realize the need of essential work-related skills in understanding of the European Union. Continue reading “Negotiation Moot in Cluj”

Negotiation Moot Court

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The Negotiation Moot Court presents an inter-law school competition. The objective of the competition is mainly focused on the ability of its participants to use negotiation skills and strategies to successfully negotiate a settlement that best meets the needs of each party. The competition simulates real negotiations in which law students act as real lawyers and negotiate legal problems.
The Negotiation Moot Court Team consists of two teams with two members in each. The members of the team work together with the scope of evaluation of each other’s negotiation styles, arguments, legal strategy and preparation level for the participation in the Regional Competition. Continue reading “Negotiation Moot Court”

Negotiation Moot 2012

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The Negotiation Moot 2012 is offered by law school and will take place in the course of spring session among undergraduates, consisting of six units.

The course will cover the following topics: the basic concepts of the private international law including jurisdiction over, people, property, disputes, and choice and conflict if laws; arbitration consisting of introduction to arbitration and UNCITRAL rules of commercial arbitration; substantive cross-border legal matters comprising UNIDROIT principles of international commercial contracting and comparative law topics Continue reading “Negotiation Moot 2012”

Negotiation Moot

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For the first time the Negotiation Moot Game took place in summer of 2008. This prestigious event will take place for the 5th time on the topic of renegotiation the budget framework of 2007-2013. Several days of trainings and simulation of negotiations precede the competition itself. In the course of this game, students not only learn and understand the mechanism of the European Union, but also learn professional skills, such as teamwork, negotiation, motivation, stress management and presentation techniques, which present and advantage in future seeking of a job. Continue reading “Negotiation Moot”